Return, Refund and Cancellation policy

It is our endeavour to help you have a hassle-free purchasing experience. Due to the nature of services, there is no return of the services purchased through our website. Further, policies may be different based on promos and on the service itself. Please read all refund and cancellation related policies to the product, service, or promo before paying.

About Payments

All services offered by IAMH are offered on a fixed/flat fee basis and are not subject to any deductions or negotiations.

Note on Refunds and Cancellations
  • Refunds shall not be offered to “no-shows”. Individuals who do not show up for their appointment at the prebooked time will be considered a no-show. Exceptions may be made in extreme circumstances, however, decisions made regarding this will be at the sole discretion of the management, will be final and binding.
  • A session can not be cancelled, however it can be rescheduled to a different time upto 24 hours before the original booking time. An administrative fee for the rescheduling may be applicable.
  • Refunds will be furnished in case the session is cancelled by IAMH, and if a reschedule is not possible. Customers requesting serial or repeated refunds may be blocked from making further purchases.
  • For claiming refund, the Customer should necessarily have the valid invoice of the investigations & ID documents of the customer who is seeking refund so as to be able to get the refund.

In case of any queries, contact us at help@iamh.in