About Us

IAMH was set up to promote innovation and efficiency in mental healthcare. Our aim is to provide the highest standards of support for mental wellness, through advance cutting-edge methods that are backed by scientific literature. Currently, we offer psychological therapy in Delhi NCR, supporting our clients who are suffering from mental health problems.

Mental Wellness, not just mental healthcare.

Our wellness-first approach to mental health takes root in positive psychology: our aim is not just to get rid of a problem, but to enable our clients to lead a well adjusted and happy life. We want to reimagine the way mental health conditions are percieved and tackled. Indeed, one in four people experience mental illness or difficulties at some point in their life. That’s, roughly, as likely as getting the flu! But most people don’t seek proper care for mental health related problems – and that is something we resolve to change.

Our Approach

Our Holistic approach is aimed at mental wellness, which allows you to stay mentally healthy and acts as a prevention against mental health problems. Scientific methods based in CBT, PCT and more are used as part of an eclectic approach that begins with a wellness plan tailor made just for you, by our skilled team members.


Our offices are equipped to provide international standards of quality outpatient mental healthcare.

Our office also includes a unique “comfort corner” that enables clients to discuss and connect with the therapist in an intimate-yet-professional, secure-yet-relaxed environment.

The Comfort Corner at IAMH